2018-2019 Board of Directors & Management Team

Board of Directors

President – Wendy Brooks
Sustaining Director at Large – Nancy Roach
Active Director at Large – Sarah Crank
Active Director at Large – Michelle Van der Werf
Active Director at Large – Chelsea Jensen
Secretary – Danielle Arsenault
Director of Finance – Le Kaysonepheth
Executive Vice President – Annette Tanori
President Elect – TBD

Management Team

Executive Vice President – Annette Tanori
Administrative Vice President – Tameka Fox-Hartman
Membership Vice President – Elizabeth Goldstein 
Community Vice President – Kristine Thompson
Training Vice President – Ericka Nicholes
Communications and Marketing Vice President – Jennie Elser
Finance Development Vice President – Emily Duarte
Treasurer – Melissa Volkmer
Development Manager – Sarah Pickett Wilson
Management Assistant – Kristie Shah

Additional Elected Leadership

Provisional Chair – Katie Lee
Nominating Chair – Shannon Larson
Bylaws/Parliamentarian - Kelly Yunis