Little Black Dress Initiative

The Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is the Junior League of Phoenix’s advocacy and fundraising campaign against limits in our community’s health.

Together, Junior League women are an unstoppable force.  When we see need, we fulfill it.  Where we see problems, we fix them.  But how can women effectuate change, when we are constantly faced with limits?

  • Limits in Health
  • Limits in Nutrition
  • Limits in Education
  • Limits in Activity

LBDI is our turn to combat limits in our community’s health. For one week, October 1 – October 5, our members will stand united in defiance of these limits.  By limiting ourselves to the same little black dress for five consecutive days, our members will illustrate the limits our community members face in Arizona and how the Junior League of Phoenix’s programs improve the fabric of our community. 

Our goal is to make health limits unfashionable. Because together, our potential is limitless.

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JLP’s focus area: Building a Healthy Arizona

Here are a few of our current programs that address these issues:

The United Way Ending Hunger in the Classroom program addresses food insecurity in school aged children. We will be fully funding nine classrooms for implementation of the Breakfast in the Classroom Program, and providing Weekend Hunger Backpacks.

The Kids Cook with Heart Program is an American Heart Association initiative. This program serves children ages 7 -12 in the Halle Heart Children’s Museum’s Kitchen Café. Chefs-in-training are taught in 90-minute sessions about healthy eating education, nutritious recipes, and the importance of physical activity for cardiovascular health. Kids Cook with Heart offers 12 classes a year taught by Chef Ellen Straine from The Farm at South Mountain. Chef Ellen’s passion for teaching hands on lessons about nutrition, kitchen safety, sanitation, and food shopping have assisted in serving 138 children and their families in our inaugural year of our partnership with Halle Heart.

Kids in the Kitchen is one of our JLP signature programs. This will be our fifth year working with the Guadalupe branch of the Boys and Girls Club to conduct 5 health and nutrition lessons throughout the school year.  Lessons include various topics like the food groups, eating a balanced meal, servings vs. portions, reading a nutrition label, and understanding media influences on food choices.

Raising Our Children's Knowledge by Educating Through Science (“ROCKETS”) is JLP’s other signature program.  ROCKETS is a free, theme-based program that promotes early childhood development of science skills. The program provides hands-on science activities, supplemented with math lessons, to at-risk children in Maricopa County to help foster problem solving, critical thinking, and exploration skills that are critical to future academic success. ROCKETS partners with Children's Museum of Phoenix to provide hands-on learning to hundreds of children and their parents each First Friday of the month, in a designated classroom at the museum. More than 1,000 kids were served last year.

Our campaign helps fund our community programs to Build A Healthy Arizona.

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