Developing Potential

General Membership Meetings: These large meetings for all members are an opportunity for members to get together for learning about the JLP, the community and much more. Each meeting has a different theme and features an expert speaker on that topic.  

Provisional Course:  Every year our Provisional training team offers our incoming members extensive training about the Junior League, our community, and the Association of Junior Leagues International. New members are mentored throughout their year by their Provisional Advisors and must meet certain requirements in order to become Active members of the JLP.

Committee Placement and Leadership Positions: Members gain hands-on experience by serving on or leading committee. With members usually being placed on a different committee every year or so, there is plenty of opportunities to try new things and gain more experience. 

"The training and leadership opportunities provided by the Junior League was the very best non-profit college education I could have asked for  without paying tuition. I am forever grateful for the JLP, which led me to and assisted me in my almost 25 year career as a non-profit leader, which has allowed me to make a difference in our community."  

- Nancy Roach, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities Phoenix, Sustaining Member, The Junior League of Phoenix 

Member Trainings:  The Member Training Committee provides JLP members with various training opportunities throughout the year, including:

  • In-Home Meetings:  Brief trainings on a variety of subjects, that are presented in a smaller setting like someone’s home or business.
  • JLP 360:  Extensive four hour leadership training that empowers members by providing them with tools and resources for growth to expand themselves within and beyond.
  • Speaker Series:  A series of four women’s event with guest speakers who will present on various topics to get members thinking outside the box & having conversations that MATTER.
  • Wellness Summit: An event focused on providing league members with tools and skills needed for mental and physical health in the professional world and personally. The Wellness Summit includes an activity portion, a speaker panel featuring healthcare professionals in various aspects of wellness, and keynote speakers who share information related to the core of what the Member Training Committee will focus on for the annual event. Various resources will be provided to members at this event related to healthcare, wellness and well-being.


Community Leadership & Outreach (CLO): The CLO Committee creates opportunities for JLP members, particularly CLO members and other members in leadership roles, to take on a leadership role in the community and make a positive impact on the Greater Phoenix Metro area. The team is responsible for educating JLP members on how to be effective community leaders.


Public Affairs Committee (PAC):  PAC is an advocacy committee representing the Junior League of Phoenix. Action in the form of advocacy may be taken by PAC in the name of Junior League of Phoenix under the direction of the Operations Team or Board of Directors. PAC is a bipartisan committee, which will support bills and positions, but will not endorse or support any candidates. The PAC will seek to educate the membership about local, state, and national elections on issues that pertain to JLP’s focus area. PAC will also support voter registration and other non-partisan events that encourage the fundamental steps for engagement in public policy (e.g. learning where to vote, change of address forms).