Leadership Development Institute

The mission of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is to enhance the potential of women within the Junior League of Phoenix by providing focused trainings for those interested in participating in a leadership-building cohort.

Those interested in participating in the LDI will be provided with specific training dedicated to enriching the members’ leadership skills. The LDI is committed to giving members a core base of knowledge to be used as a building block toward leadership roles within the JLP and beyond. Upon selection, participants in the cohort are expected to attend all trainings related to the LDI in addition to their regular JLP requirements.

Applicants are chosen based on past and current experience and the desire to pursue leadership roles in the JLP as well as in other non-profit organizations and within the community as a whole.

Training topics include:

  • Navigating Digital Cheetah
  • Public SpeakingApplying & interviewing for a leadership position
  • Junior League organizational structure-How it all works
  • Successful Leadership Skills 101
  • How to effectively run a meeting

 Please think about applying for the 2013/2014 year!

For more information about LDI, please contact Blair Coe Schweiger, Training VP at bmschweiger@gmail.com.