2018 JLP Community Ambassador of the Year Jayson Matthews


Our 2018 JLP Community Ambassador of the year has been an advocate for our mission of  “Building a Healthy Arizona” every day since beginning his partnership with the JLP. Since joining as a Community Ambassador, Jayson Matthews has aligned himself with the JLP to support our mission in several capacities. He has provided his knowledge of ending hunger at our GMM panel meetings. He spearheaded the new partnership between the JLP and the United Way to end hunger in the classroom by providing opportunities for our league members to support the Weekend Hunger Backpacks program where volunteers build meal kits to put in children’s backpacks so they have access to food over the weekend. He is a champion in our efforts to train league members to be advocates for children in the valley who are struggling with hunger. The JLP is grateful to have Jayson Matthews, of the Valley of the Sun United Way as a Community Ambassador and thank him for his continued support of the Junior League of Phoenix!