Develop Your Potential with JLP

Junior League of Phoenix is an incredible resource for our members in training and professional development. Whether members are looking to gain leadership skills, expand their network or make an impact in the community, the Member Training Committee strives to deliver a variety of training events designed to help members reach their potential.

This year, the committee is focusing training on four key areas:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Community Leadership
  3. Interpersonal Relationships
  4. Diversity and Inclusion

We are kicking off the year with a training event concentrated on fundraising. During this interactive workshop, members will learn essential skills and techniques to confidently ask for money – whether it’s fundraising for JLP or asking for more money at work. Three local experts will cover a range of fundraising topics from how to ask for the small things all the way to how to secure major funding for projects.

In October, Member Training will focus on diversity for the Oct. 12 JLP 360 event. With a theme of “JLP Through the Years,” the event will dive into critical topics for every age and stage of a Junior League member’s life. This will include things like early career training, how to pay for your kids’ college education, ways to balance taking care of your children and your parents, and much more.

The Member Training Committee also plans November In-Homes, which are a member favorite! This year will feature a diverse slate of events you won’t want to miss!

Members – If you have training ideas or suggestions, please reach out to committee co-chairs Allyson Dorsey and Lisa Landrum-May.