Leadership Development Series, Part 1: Introduction

When you hear the name “Junior League of Phoenix” or “JLP,” images of women volunteering and fighting social issues may come to mind. It’s true; since the 1930s, the hundreds of projects fueled by this organization have made a significant positive impact in the Greater Phoenix area, but JLP takes it one step further. They actively train and develop women into leaders who will continue making an impact for years to come. 

With a roster of impressive names like Sandra Day O’Connor, Margaret Hance, and Betsey Bayless, it’s apparent that JLP values leadership training. Their unique approach allows members to get hands-on experience in running an organization more than 1,000 members strong. This experience nurtures the confidence and skills needed to make a difference in members’ lives and in the community.

Join us in learning more about the specific ways JLP’s training and development programs have influenced some of our members in this ongoing series!