Leadership Development Series, Part 2: Annette Tanori

Wendy Brooks, Jennie Elser, Annette Tanori, and Sara Mayer are pictured at the Junior League Annual Conference.

The Junior League of Phoenix knows that to develop great leaders, sometimes all that is needed is a safe space to learn, try, and grow.

Annette Tanori, 2018 – 2020 Executive VP explains:

“Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) has played a vital role in the development of my leadership skills over the last decade. I attribute my current service with other Phoenix Valley nonprofits to my experiences in the Junior League, which created a supportive environment for me to learn and grow. JLP gave me direct, hands-on experiences with leadership opportunities, which have been directly transferable into my work with other organizations. I am a stronger, educated, resourceful board member, non-profit founder, and fundraiser as a result of my membership in JLP.

In the last two years, I have served as the Executive Vice President (EVP) for the Junior League of Phoenix and the value of the education that I have received would have required a significant financial investment through any other organization. My role as EVP has allowed me to directly lead the day-to-day operations of a 1,000-member organization. As a result of this role, I have seen myself grow more confident in my leadership, organizational, and decision-making abilities. As my role as EVP comes to a close, I am excited to take these skills into the next phase of my life and to continue to serve the community I call home in a more effective way.”