Super Saturday II Recap

The Junior League Provisional and Transfer Members participated in Super Saturday 2 on Saturday, Nov. 14. Topics covered included the History of Junior League and JLP, JLP Org Chart/Committee Overviews/Leadership Opportunities, JLP Mission and Branding, JLP Trivia, and a Q&A Panel!

Guest speakers included Stephanie Mitchell (Provisional Chair), Jennie Elser (President), Elizabeth Goldstein (EVP), Teresa Neilson (Membership VP), Cindy Brown (JLP Training VP and Toastmaster VP of PR), Laura Sharp (VP Communications and Marketing), and Stephanie Viboch (Development Manager).

Provisionals also participated in breakout rooms where they played games to test their knowledge of leadership positions and did a diversity exercise where they were challenged to come up with 3 nonobvious similarities between their random breakout room. Kelly Jaress won Bingo and Vivian Okomo won Trivia! Prizes included a JLP Fanny Pack!