Focus Area

The Junior League of Phoenix’s community impact efforts focus on Empowering Women and Girls to be academically and financially successful.

After conducting research, JLP determined the best avenue for JLP to make a long-lasting impact was by preparing women and girls for and supporting them through significant life changes. Women still face considerable pay gaps compounded by other discriminatory factors. Helping set women up for success by giving them educational support, assisting them in accessing services, and providing financial training will improve their marketability and confidence and help decrease this pay gap.

JLP identified the need for girls and women to receive support and guidance during significant life changes. Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the country and JLP has been committed to developing the potential of women for 85+ years. Women have only been able to open credit cards independently since 1974. Financial independence and education have been historically lacking for women and girls. By focusing on making women and girls in the Phoenix community financially successful and powerful, we will be able to help reduce gender disparities. Women who are financially powerful will become leaders in our society and JLP wants to do its part to make them the strongest leaders possible.


  • Strategy 1: Improve financial stability.
    It is our intended goal to set-up women and girls to be financially powerful in their communities. Improving financial stability will lead to security. Our goal is to teach women and girls the skills needed to be financially stable and what true financial stability means, along with skills to overcome the barriers many girls and women in our community face.
  • Strategy 2: Improve job prospects.
    It is our intended goal to improve job prospects for women and girls in our community. We can help prepare them for interviews, increase their skills and help them become strong self-advocates through negotiation skills.
  • Strategy 3: Setting up women and girls for academic success.
    It is our intended goal to set-up women and girls for academic success. Early intervention helps keep women and girls on a path toward financial power and stability. Utilizing our existing programs like ROCKETS to encourage STEM knowledge and partnering with organizations will help us address the importance of education and what disparities in education can do to decrease financial knowledge and power.

All of our intended strategies require member involvement, meaningful collaboration with community organizations and community engagement.

We are proud to announce our newest community partner programs with Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine and Live & Learn and. Together, we will create community impact, empowering women and girls to be academically and financially successful.