Community Outreach, Leadership and Advocacy

Community Outreach, Leadership and Advocacy (COLA) was a new committee for the 2014-2015 year and was tasked with creating a plan around (3) areas.

  • Promoting opportunities for Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) members to be involved in other organizations, including boards and employment.
  • Creating an Advocacy Plan
  • Providing Training in partnership with the JLP Leadership Development Institute

COLA accomplished so in it’s first year!

First, COLA was invited to The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute Supreme Evening for Country Gala on February 26, 2015. COLA was honored to be invited and we were able to introduce JLP’s mission to so many of our State’s leaders including Doug Ducey, Arizona Representatives Lea Alston Taylor, Debbie McCune Davis, Senator Jon Kyl and Terry Goddard.

Overview of Legislative Wrap-Up:
a) Legislative session was very short – 81 days
b) The Budget – 3 day budget process. Passed at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday. Excluded community participation.
c) Children’s Action Alliance did a great budget analysis which reflects the impact the budget will have on our State. To see bills that passed/failed click here.
d) Advocacy Analysis: Damaging cuts to the State which impact children, families, and education. Lawmakers voted YES on new special interest tax cuts that move the budget further away from structural balance.