Fresh Express Mobile Produce Bus

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This season is off to a great start in the JLP‘s second year with the mobile produce bus, Fresh Express! Last year we did great work around volunteering with the bus while educating customers on the importance of incorporating produce in to their diets. This year the focus has increased to include wellness based presentations to community centers that the bus frequents. The presentations are a new challenge for our committee and it is a great program because not only does it help the community, but it also develops Junior League members by establishing a curriculum and presenting in front of an audience.

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Fresh Express at the Phoenix Food Day Apple Crunch in downtown Phoenix, with a focus on eating nutritious food and sourcing local produce.

We are also creating a program to incorporate nutritional information on the bus full time. Last year we faced a challenge on reaching all of Fresh Express’s customers because we were only able to offer so many hours of volunteers. This year we want to increase our impact and are focusing on educating more people in the community on the importance of a nutritional diet filled with produce. If you want to support Fresh Express by purchasing produce in the Phoenix and Tempe areas, please visit their website for an updated schedule:

by, Michelle Moore, Fresh Express Chair

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