Get to Know CLO!

There is a new committee on the Junior League of Phoenix roster this year, the Community Leadership and Outreach Committee (aka CLO). But what is the CLO Committee and what does it do?

The CLO Committee is part of the Training and Promoting Volunteerism team & its purpose is to provide training and promote volunteerism in a unique way. CLO’s mission is to create opportunities for JLP members to take on leadership roles in the community.

clo 1Firstly, CLO is building a JLP library of trainings to help prepare JLP members assume community leadership roles and provide training resources to those members already in a leadership role.  The larger purpose of this library is to provide JLP members with practical knowledge so they can be confident when they are ready to venture into community leadership.

clo 2Secondly, CLO has identified community leaders to mentor JLP members. CLO’s goal is to be able to implement a one-on-one mentorship program in the near future. For now, so that we can get to know community leaders and identify the needs they see in the community, CLO will be organizing small speaking events with community leaders. Attendance at these events will be limited to ensure that the members in attendance have an opportunity to actively engage with the speakers and can start building a network of potential mentors.

clo 3Lastly, CLO is engaging with organizations in the community to bring opportunities to JLP members through creating community awareness of the JLP and the abilities of JLP members. CLO will also work with JLP members to ensure the member and the organization have a positive and successful experience. There are 9,396 (2015 IRS Publication 78) charitable organizations in the Greater Phoenix Valley, many of which need the assistance of trained and passionate community leaders to help them achieve their mission. While the JLP cannot partner with and support every organization, it can support its members.

The 1978 AJLI Statement on Volunteerism states:

The Junior League asks its members to accept responsibility, to make a commitment, and to recognize the value to society of the gift of one’s skills without expectation of remuneration. In turn, it offers training, broadening experience, an opportunity for continued education and personal growth, and the organization resources to achieve maximum impact on high-priority community problems. The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., seeks to promote a societal environment in which individual responsibility is valued and pluralism is preserved.

For community organizations interested in working with the JLP Community Leadership and Outreach Committee, please contact: or (602) 234-3388 x228.

For JLP members interested in learning more about CLO resources, events, or activities, or to express interest in being matched with a community organization, please contact the Community Leadership and Outreach Committee Chair.