Junior League of Phoenix Foundation Updates

The Junior League of Phoenix Foundation is proud to announce its decision to fund the following:

  • League-wide training for active, provisional and sustaining members facilitated by a national professionalJLP Foundation facilitator for a total of $5,000.
  • Funding to send on JLP member to the AJLI Organizational Development Institute
  • Funding to sending one JLP member to Southwest Exchange
  • Kids in the Kitchen, which was started in the Junior League of Phoenix in 2005, to help address the urgent issue of childhood obesity and poor nutrition. Through hands-on experiential learning, Kids in the Kitchen helps kids be healthy. The Foundation awarded Kids in the Kitchen with an additional investment of $6,500 for programming, with the total investment from the Foundation of over $14,000 over the years.

In addition, the Foundation officially welcomes the 2015-2016 Junior League of Phoenix Foundation Board of Directors!

Margaret Moody
Cassie Cooper
Sara Mayer
Grace Gaabucayan
Devon Vero
Nance Harris
Sarah McLeod
Brandi Hunt
Clare Abel
Gilda Kemp
Tina Wesoloskie
Rebecca Johnson
Wendy Brooks
Jill Kipnes
Deb De Respino
Jennie Elser
Cathy Comer
Maria Cody
Catherine Powers

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Consider a gift to the Foundation. Your generosity will fund the future generations and programs that have defined The Junior League of Phoenix and strengthened our community for nearly eight decades. To make a donation, please visit https://foundation.jlp.org