Meet our members – Natalie

A dance choreographer and instructor, Natalie is a second year Active member in the JLP. She is currently the Chair of the Publications Committee. 

Where can we find you when you are not doing JLP activities?varty
Well, I love my job! So, you will find me dancing and choreographing for my competitive dance teams. When I am not dedicating my time to teaching, I am studying up on the financial world of investing! Learning about trading in the stock market and how to best invest for the future has become an interest I am instilling daily into my lifestyle. I also love the outdoors, working on my fitness, and traveling!

How would your best friend describe you?
My best friend would say I am a caring, loving, overly dedicated, honest and trusting friend; that I give more of myself to others and less of my time to myself. She would include that I am a “clean freak,” that I love organization, and lastly, that I love to make people smile!

What is your favorite “unique to Arizona” activity?
When it is not too hot out, I like hiking the “Camel” and other trails around the Valley. I love winter sports, so during the winter in AZ my friends and I will go to Sunrise to ski!

Why did you join the JLP?
I joined the Junior League to become more involved in the community and meet new friends. In college, I was in a sorority that balanced philanthropy and fun. I missed the camaraderie of volunteering with my friends and developing my own potential further as a woman. The JLP does just that and more. 

What is your favorite JLP memory or activity? Why?
My favorite activities are with the ladies I have met in my provisional group! We have fun monthly socials that are always different and leave us more bonded than the last! These girls are incredible women from all over the country and I am so blessed that I was placed with them in my provisional year! I can’t wait to also meet other JLP members and make new friends in the years to come!