Rosson House 35th Anniversary Celebration

On May 2, 2015heritagesquare_1383150186_140 the Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation and Guild celebrated their 35th Anniversary Celebration and received a dedication by Councilwoman Kate Gallego. The Rosson House Museum is a fully-restored 1895 Queen Anne Victorian house museum which interprets the history of Phoenix. Tours of the house include all living areas and offer visitors a glimpse into the lifestyles of early Phoenix families.

The event featured several attendees that discussed their involvement with project from the beginning. Representatives from the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) included members: Mary Hudak, Vicki Beaver, Kim Knotter, Sara Mayer and Blair Schwieger. Mary Hudak was instrumental in the project from the beginning working on decorating the interior; quickly turned to a restoration project. Mary shared “The Heritage Square photoJunior League got involved 1974 with its typical 2-year demonstration project concept and allocated $50,000 as far I recall to the project. It was to be completed by the Bicentennial of 1976. Didn’t happen. Took much longer and the League graciously allowed us to hang in there until completion. League members wore many hats. I was in charge of the interior restoration but others formed the docent program, created the Victorian aprons that the guides and hostesses wore, took tickets and sold items in the gift shop, worked on publicity and programming in the house, chaired fundraisers, gathered furnishings and accessories for the house, kept it clean and shiny for visitors”.

Vicki Beaver became involved as a committee member and enjoyed her experience so much she stayed on as a volunteer for 35 years providing tours of the building. Kim Knotter described her experience as a provisional working her shift down at the house and building relationships with future members as a new resident of Phoenix. The Rosson house is a symbol of Phoenix and has provided years of enjoyment for visitors. The Junior League of Phoenix is proud to have been a part of history.Rosson House Museum-2

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