First Person: Anne, President

JLP_ValleyImpactSocial_2015-2141I cried. Your happy, tough but nice, President cried her eyes out at the Valley Impact Social while asking our attendees to donate money. I did the same thing at last year’s Valley Impact event, so I knew it was coming. When I get in front of a group of strangers, this deep emotion comes over me that I want to convey to them just how important the Junior League and our mission really is, how much it matters! It chokes me up every time because I care so deeply about it and I want them to care too.

After 17 years in the League I’ve given a lot of my time, energy, strength, and of course now tears, and it just reaches deep down that I need to portray to potential donors that they need to donate money to us, it’s imperative!  I hope you aren’t too embarrassed by my tears, I use humor mainly, but a side of crying is okay sometimes too, I guess. If you feel as passionately as I do, then I hope you’ll understand, if you don’t, then please consider giving more of yourself to the league, it will come back to you three-fold!


Fortunately, I did not cry at Touch-A-Truck, and it proved to be another fabulous event! In fact four past Junior League Presidents of other leagues – Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Philadelphia all flew out to Arizona to support us and attend TAT with me – isn’t that amazing? I hope some of you had the opportunity to meet them; I was very proud of you all, as they got to see that we have the BEST members in the country!