Legacy Celebration at the Arizona Science Center

The Junior League of Phoenix Legacy Celebration is THIS Friday evening!  We are so excited to be hosted by the Arizona Science Center!

Did you know that the Arizona Science Center was opened in 1984 under the Phoenix Hyatt and was only 10,000 sq. feet? Even though it started small it has become one of the most successful cultural attractions in Arizona. What better location for this year’s Legacy Celebration than in a location that started as a JLP project?

There are dozens of exhibits to explore that are as fun as they are educational. There are 9 different permanent exhibits with rotating exhibitions throughout the year, here are a few examples of what to expect.




All about me

Here you can learn about your body and how it works. Some of the fun exhibits you can partake in are wheelchair races where you can test your heart muscles or hear your heartbeat translated into sound on a bass drum.


The W.O.N.D.E.R (Center short for Walton Optimal Neurological Discovery Education and Research)

This exhibit takes a deeper look into the human brain, you can interact with a giant brain model and learn more about the Hippocampus, the Amygdala, and the Prefrontal Cortex and how they work together in the MindUP™ Lab. Need a break to rest your brain? Stop by the Brain Break Kiosk for a mindfulness exercise.



My Digital World

This exhibit offers hands on exploration of digital communication technology.  Here you can learn more about the gadgets we use to share everything from ideas to music digitally.  You can also play with and learn about Virtual Sand or use pixels to create your own digital art!


*Images courtesy of Arizona Science Center