Aids to the Adoption of Special Kids/Fastbreak 2005 – 2006

Special Kids in Arizona

Special Kids in Arizona Aid to the Adoption of Special Kids’ adoption program helps families bring children into their homes and provides the resources for a successful adoption. The children AASK serves are considered special because they are survivors of abuse, neglect, drug exposure and abandonment. They sometimes have special needs and/or wish to be adopted along with their siblings.

Junior League of Phoenix partnered with AASK to serve as reading coaches for foster children and organize activities at the AASK center to create a positive environment that encourages children to be involved with reading activities.

Addressing the Needs of Foster Children in Arizona

Child abuse and neglect are significant challenges for Arizona. There are approximately 8,575 children in out-of-home care at the end of 2004. Arizona leads the nation in the number of children per capita in group or shelter care. Six hundred children a month are removed from their homes and the number is growing at a rate of 100 per month.(1) Many of these children will move an average of nine times (2) before becoming an adult. They may never experience a stable home environment. Nationwide, more than half of foster children will not graduate from high school, and 40-60% of females will be come pregnant. (2)

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