JLP Networking in the COVID Era

JLP Members Patricia and Carter both volunteered during a general meeting for an unknown task. Little did they know it would be such a fun task – a virtual blind date with another JLP member that they didn’t know!

In the age of social distancing, JLP has improvised to provide members with a way to meet newer members.  The provisionals haven’t had the benefits of in-person functions to mingle and meet other active members.  We thought a blind coffee date between a new member and an active member would be a fun way to help build our internal community.

Patricia and Carter each got a $5 gift card to Starbucks and setup a time to connect on Zoom.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself with Carter. We laughed, learned about each other, and made a new friend. If this interaction had not taken place it might have been that we would not have met. But now we will stay in touch and I plan to meet her downtown for a girls lunch or brunch sometime soon.

It is a good idea and I believe it could be a requirement of some sort to meet virtually with someone you do not know in JLP. This way we are more diverse and go out of our comfort zone to meet new members that we might not know otherwise,” said Patrica.


“I was so excited to meet Patricia. I am a social butterfly and pride myself in connecting with fellow members. It is one of the main reason I joined the League so I was more than happy to spend an hour getting to know a new member, while also giving them some tips and tricks about navigating JLP.  I would highly recommend setting up a round robin type virtual coffee date for all members. We have a JLP Networkers group and I know there would be a desire to participate. I’d participate again!” said Carter.