Organizational Development Institute


Organizational Development Institute, ODI, is a series of leadership development meetings for all Junior Leagues in the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. Four lucky Junior League of Phoenix members had the chance to attend with members from leagues all over the country while learning about how to enhance our local impact through volunteerism. Junior Leagues benefit from members who come back with increased skills in community program design, fund development, and increasing internal operating efficiencies.  The members who attend get increased training in areas they may not have otherwise had.

The three days of ODI consisted of large keynote presentations, like that from Dr. Johny Lake, whose mission is to expand diversity and inclusion in Junior Leagues, and smaller breakout sessions aimed at training members effectively. Members got to choose their tracks and sessions in order to maximize the experience to fit their interests and their  League’s needs.


Our members are given this opportunity at no cost to them. Visit ODI through their eyes and read what they have to say about the experience:

“ODI provided me with world-class training around Issue-Based Community Impact. When our JLP community efforts directly coincide with our focus area of “Building A Healthy Arizona”, we are achieving our goals for improving our community, developing the potential of women and promoting volunteerism. Issue-based community impact also helps our leagues recruit new members, retain existing members and engage our sustainers.” – Lauren Sullivan

“Hearing about the goals, efforts, and impact the Junior League has across four counties reminds me that our job as community members, volunteers, and leaders will never be done, but every step forward is a step in the right direction.  It was such an honor to be selected to attend ODI 2018, and I’m excited to share my notes from ODI with members of management and the Board so the whole league can benefit from my training.” –  Melissa Volkmer

“I was impacted by the community of women throughout the country that are The Junior League. This empowered group of women, that the JLP is a part of, is an inspiration. I left wanting to contribute even more to the JLP.”  – Sarah Pickett Wilson 

“Diversity starts with an individual. Individuals make up organizations. We spent the weekend being self- reflective and understanding how our own thoughts and experiences impact the ability to lead others to be more diverse and inclusive.”  – Tameka Hartman

Training in the Junior League does not stop at the yearly ODI conference. Members have opportunities to pursue training in many different areas all throughout the year. To learn more about The Junior League of Phoenix, click here.