Junior League of Phoenix Membership Awards

By: Cassie Cooper, Membership Team Leader

Members of The Junior League of Phoenix were recognized for outstanding service and dedication to the organization at the monthly General Membership Meeting in September and October.

These awards demonstrate that Junior League of Phoenix members are doing more in their roles that just signing up for volunteer shift; they’re making meaningful contributions to the success of the organization and it’s being noticed.

The awards listed below are selections based on members and leaders doing an outstanding job and/or going above and beyond to help The Junior League of Phoenix.

Help us recognize superstar members by submitting their names for either the Chair Extraordinaire or Cause for Applause (any member) categories. Please nominate here!

Congratulations to the September and October membership winners. Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

Cause for Applause Award

September: Ashley Law

Ashley Law has been a beam of sunshine, optimism, and hard work in the League and specifically, the Member Trainings Committee.  She is 100% supportive of every initiative and event in our committee. Ashley has been the driving force behind the creation and implementation of the first ever JLP Chapter of Toastmasters who has created a huge following and interest among our Junior League members.  I am honored to serve alongside Ashley in the League, she is fabulously amazing!!

Submitted by:

Paula A. Sumner-Walker

JLP Member Trainings Committee Chair


September: Sabrina Showers

Despite being busy with sending her daughter off to her first year of college, Sabrina has taken on a leadership role within the CLO committee and been a model team member. In addition to all that Sabrina took it upon herself to join Toastmasters so that she would be able to improve her presentation skills for when we record the CLO training library and has gone out of her way to solicit feedback on ways to improve. Her willingness to ask for help, accept constructive criticism, and be a model team member contribute to her nomination.

Submitted by:

Maura Goldsberry

CLO Committee Chair


October: Darcy Darin

Darcy is in her 2nd year on the Touch A Truck Committee and has done an excellent job getting the “Day Of” details organized. We thank Darcy for her attention to detail and we know that the event would not the success that it is without her!

Submitted by:

Jill Kipnes, Touch-A-Truck Committee

Chair Extraordinaire Award

September: Maura Goldsberry

Have you seen her Facebook and blog posts about CLO?! She is inspiring, caring, and challenging in her leadership and generous with her time.  With Maura as our leader CLO is bound to make a huge impact this year.

Submitted by:

Megan Schwallie

CLO Committee


October: Liz Goldstein

  • Three time nominee in the month of September!
  • Wow! Liz came in with a bang! She transferred to the JLP and really shook things up!
  • She took member retention seriously and has really created a community within the league that we have never seen.
  • Liz has taken the league by storm! She saw a need to connect people and she started a book club, this has become wildly popular!
  • Retention is vital to our success and Liz is going to connect people to each other and in turn the League.

Submitted by:

Cassie Cooper, Membership Team Leader

Sara Mayer, BOD Secretary

Shannon Larsen, Nominating Committee


October: Brooke Lesser

  • Brooke stepped into the role of Logistics Chair just three weeks prior to our first GMM.
  • Planned our first GMM of the year without any prior knowledge from start to finish.
  • She is already exploring ways to improve our GMMs and the member experience!
  • With the support of her amazing Logistics Committee, we all owe Brooke a huge thank you for her dedication to the League and her willingness to step into an unfamiliar role, and making our first GMM of the year a success.

Submitted by:

Ashley Bolduc, Administrative Team Leader