Meet our members – Carolyn

What 2016-2016 provisional group were you in? My sponsor committee was Phoenix Day and the lovely Jenn Beck was my provisional advisor.

What prompted you to join the Junior League last year? I joined the League last year because I loved the idea of being part of a strong community of woman. I knew there were lots of opportunities to give of my self through volunteering and meet people that I would of other wise not had the opportunity to meet.

How did you first hear about the Junior League? My friend Samantha joined and I attended the 2015 White Party!

What were you most excited about for the 2015-2016 year? This was an exciting year for me! I graduated from my MBA at ASU and finished out my provisional year in the League. I’m excited to celebrate those accomplishments and move on to what’s next: serving a new committee in the League and a career change.

What most interested you about the Junior League of Phoenix? That if has so many people coming together that are passionate about doing their part to make a difference.

How long have you lived in Phoenix? I’ve lived in Phoenix for the last 21 years aka most of my life.

What is your favorite Phoenix restaurant/hot spot? I try out new restaurants like it’s my job. In fact I have a spreadsheet where I keep all the restaurants I want to try. My two favorite places of the moment are Okra for yummy southern food and The Valley bar for drinks and a fun atmosphere.

What has surprised you the most about the Junior League? How welcoming everyone was.

What is one passion or hobby you enjoy outside of the League? School takes up most of my time but when I’m on break I like to check off restaurants from my spreadsheet with my boyfriend or perfecting my amateur photography skills.

What is your biggest superpower? I think my superpower is to see the sliver lining in difficult situations.