Meet Our Members – Jennifer

Jennifer is chair of our Web & Social Media Committee and is a seven-year Active member with the JLP. mims

Outside of Junior League what else keeps you busy (work, or school, and hobbies, etc.)?
I currently work for the University of Phoenix in Student Services Leadership and also as an Adjunct Faculty for their school of business. Outside of work and Junior League, I am also on the Women’s Art Council, a member of the Phoenix Symphony Young Professionals and Sun Devil Young Professionals and Fundraising. I am also working on my PhD on Higher Education and Hispanic Student Leadership. As far as hobbies, go I am very involved with yoga and even travel for yoga retreats. I love to hike and travel through Arizona. I absolutely love to discover quirky AZ places—and there are a lot of them!

What drew you to those?
Growing up, my parents instilled in me the spirit of giving back and patriotism. My dad served as a pilot in the Air Force and my mom often volunteered. I became involved with the Sun Devil Young Professionals fundraising for their athletics departments because I believe strong athletic programs attract more students, which then helps build a strong academic program.

How long have you been in Arizona?
I’ve lived in AZ off and on growing up. I moved all over the world growing up since my Dad was in the Air Force. I attended high school in Gilbert, AZ and went to college at ASU. I’ve been here ever since and have built myself a strong support network.

What is your favorite Arizona-related activity?
I love to go hiking all over the state. My favorite trails are Bear Jaw and the Abineau trails, Kendrick mountain trails, and the Catalina mountain trails. I love driving through the state.

What brought you to Junior League and what has been your favorite part of being a member?
Growing up in the South, I was very familiar with the Junior League organization and, specifically, Shelly Forstrum played a large role in my joining of The Junior League of Phoenix. My favorite part has been the connections and friendships I’ve made. I also love being a part of something that is bigger than me.

What are your future goals?
My goals are to finish my PhD! I also want to travel to Costa Rica and snuggle a sloth! In addition to those, I’d love to grow The Junior League of Phoenix’s social media footprint.