The Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Junior League of Phoenix is partnering with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul on a program focused on families who have three primary challenges: low/no access to healthy food, a family history or new diagnosis of diabetes/prediabetes, and low/no knowledge of sustainable wellness practices.

During our partnership, JLP funds will support the Rob & Melani Walton Urban Farm and increase the amount of children served at the Ivy Wellness Center.

JLP’s partnership with The Society of St. Vincent de Paul and volunteer shifts are helping them expand the urban farm. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul estimates the farm expansion will allow them to add approximately 4,000 lbs of food grown annually. 1lb of food equates to approximately 3 to 4 servings. So, 4,000 lbs, when broken up into fresh food boxes = 400-420 food boxes = ~3 months of fresh food boxes for as long as The Society of St. Vincent de Paul operates the farm. The urban farm allows the community direct access to fresh, nutritious food and JLP’s financial help and volunteerism allows this to continue.

JLP’s The Society of St. Vincent de Paul committee will be responsible for:

  1. organizing events for our members to assist with the constructing, planting, harvesting and maintaining the new grow space and overall grow space of the Urban Farm
  2. working with families to teach them how to plant their own healthy food and
  3. to include the children in the planting and harvesting process and planning events at the Ivy Center test kitchen, where a culturally competent registered dieticians will show families how to prepare and buy high-quality, low cost healthy foods.