Neiman Marcus Beauty Market
Sunday Sep 15, 2019 10:00 AM
Sunday, Sep 15, 2019 01:00 PM

Bienvenue sur le marché! The wait is over! Welcome back to your favorite glamorous morning of fun and beauty. Join us for the EXCLUSIVE Junior League of Phoenix beauty party hosted generously by Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale Fashion Square. This year, we are bringing you a market shopping experience. Your admission ticket includes a private shopping time with the legendary beauty show and giveaways. All attendees will receive an exclusive Neiman Marcus gift, lipstick readings, braiding bar, henna, sips, and savory snacks. Keep an eye out for those amazing raffles, too! Go glam level! Upgrade your ticket to Glam status and receive a consultation and make-up application from one of Neiman Marcus's luxurious beauty counters.

Limited tickets available! Go expert level! Upgrade your ticket to one of our Master Classes and receive an exclusive intimate teaching session on the hottest trends. Have you seen artistry and wondered, where do I even begin? This is where! To keep these classes very small and personal, extremely limited tickets available!

Register below then buy your entrance ticket and any upgrade.
Tickets available for purchase at a single tier level: $30 each.
A la carte upgrade add-on options:

  • $15 for "Glam" level, which includes a personalized make-up application (up to 30 people),
  • $20 for "Master Class: Chanel" level which includes an exclusive session with Chanel artists (limited to 15 people).
  • $20 for "Master Class: Tata Harper" level which includes an exclusive session with Tata Harper artists (limited to 15 people).

DRESS CODE: Smart casual/chic.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Chrissy Henderson 602-363-8848.

This does not qualify as a Required Event

Neiman Marcus at Fashion Square
6900 E Camelback Rd
Scottsdale, AZ

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